ASL Remote Sensing

ASL Borstad Services Overview

With twenty-seven years in the business, we have the depth of experience and breadth of expertise our clients expect. We use a broad range of satellite and airborne sensors to map and measure a wide variety of targets and variables. We have specialized, hard-to-find expertise in hyperspectral data acquisition, processing and analysis.

Let us help you plan and execute your next project:

ASL Remote Sensing Project planning

What are your requirements?  Let us help with the selection of the best sensor for your needs, then decide on level of data processing, analytical algorithms, and desired products.

ASL Remote Sensing Data acquisition

We can arrange satellite data acquisition from a variety of data providers, or lease airborne equipment for your custom needs.  We also have access to large archives of historical satellite data. (more)




ASL Remote Sensing Data processing

We offer full processing of all types of remote sensing data, including artefact correction, atmospheric correction, geocorrection, and generation of derived products.  Our team of experienced software developers can meet your custom processing needs. (more)
ASL Remote Sensing Analysis

Remote sensing products can form the basis of thematic mapping, time series analysis, change detection, detection of camouflaged or sparsely distributed targets, and more.  With the wide variety of sensors, multi-sensor analysis is another powerful tool.  Let us discuss your analytical challenges. (more)
ASL Remote Sensing Research and Development

Our group has been involved in the development of airborne and satellite sensors and their applications since the early days of remote sensing.  We can work with you to develop your ideas into projects, and your research projects into operational systems. (more)
ASL Remote Sensing Training

We can provide seminars at your location, informal on-the-job training in our facility or yours, or supervision or advice to graduate students. (more)




ASL Remote Sensing