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Hyperion Preprocessing

Based on more than 30 years of experience with hyperspectral remote sensing, and 7 years’ intensive work with EO-1 Hyperion, we have developed automated routines that greatly reduce the time required for processing of Hyperion data. We now offer preprocessing and analysis of Hyperion imagery.  Call for a quotation.

Hyperion Preprocessing includes the following:
Process and converts the Hyperion HDF data to radiance in preparation for atmospheric corrections in FLAASH or ATCOR

  • Imports Level 1R (*.L1R) data format.
  • Discards invalid and duplicate bands.
  • Converts the data to radiance by scaling the VNIR and SWIR bands.
  • Corrects bad pixels identified by the Flag Mask supplied by the L1R file.

Performs cross-track destriping and flattening of the data cube

  • Splits datasets into VNIR and SWIR bands and prepares image for characterization of the VNIR 'smile’.
  • Creates a mask file used in destriping and flattening (user controlled).
  • Destripes and flattens image.
  • Corrects spectral smile.

Atmospheric Correction

FLAASH modeling:  We use FLAASH in the image processing package ENVI to estimate ground level reflectance.

Empirical Line Correction/Vicarious Calibration:

  • Our experience indicates that FLAASH correction is often not adequate. We recommend that people perform comparisons with on-the-ground reflectance measurements.
  • If you provide ASD or GER reflectance spectra of large, pseudo-invariant targets within the image (parking lots, road intersections), and/or simultaneous reflectance spectra of other large, homogenous targets, we can make comparisons and, if necessary, empirical corrections of the image data.

Georectification of Hyperion imagery

  • This is done by using Ground Control Points automatically picked from well corrected reference imagery.
  • If you provide line vectors, or a few reference GPS locations, we can provide a check on the accuracy of this georeferencing.

Hyperspectral Analysis of Hyperion imagery

  • If you do not have in-house hyperspectral expertise or capability, we can also offer more than 30 years hyperspectral experience, and 7 years experience with Hyperion.
  • We have developed many specialized analytical procedures for Hyperion.
  • We use the latest Geomatica and ENVI hyperspectral software.



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