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Geology and Mining

ASL Borstad offers hyperspectral exploration for minerals, acid mine drainage, and mine reclamation.  We provide customized image analysis of satellite imagery from ASTER and HYPERION, as well as aerial surveys anywhere in the world. Tell us where you want to go today!

ASTER Mineral maps

We offer a suite of standard products derived from ASTER that can be used to broadly delineate mineral alteration distributions such as iron oxides, siliceous rocks, carbonates, sericite, illite, alunite, and kaolinite.



(Map of siliceous minerals alunite-kaolinite-pyrophyllite from ASTER )



ASL Remote Sensing

Hyperspectral mineral exploration

Since the 1990s more and more companies are using hyperspectral remote sensing as part of their mineral exploration programs. Our own tests in Nevada, conducted with Placer Dome, Spectral International and others, showed clearly that maps of clay minerals made from hyperspectral SWIR imagery greatly increased the success of finding surface gold. 



(Hyperspectral mapping of geology at Cuprite, Nevada, with CASI and SFSI-2 fused data)

ASL Remote Sensing


Mine reclamation

The progress of revegetation at a decommissioned minesite can be tracked quantitatively using annual remote sensing surveys.  Based on year-to-year vegetation condition, areas requiring additional attention can be distinguished from those that are successfully reclaimed and self-sustaining.



(Vegetation reclamation status at Highland Valley Copper Mine, British Columbia)


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ASL Remote Sensing



ASL Remote Sensing