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This site is designed to provide water quality information on the west coast of Canada to the aquaculture, fisheries and oceanography sectors. It is funded by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Department of Environment and the Canadian Space Agency.

Imagery will be presented from the American SeaWiFS sensor operated by Orbital Sciences Inc., the MODIS sensors Terra and Aqua operated by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European MERIS sensor operated by the European Space Agency (ESA), and the American Landsat sensors operated by NASA.

The purpose of these free on-line tools and re-assembled datasets is to ease access to the data for aquaculturists, scientists and others without access to image processing facilities, to help generate and test ideas, and to facilitate use of remotely sensed imagery in support of oceanographic and limnological research.

  SeaWiFS Tools Temporal Profiles of Chlorophyll Concentrations
Time/Space Panels of nLW555
Animations of Surface Chlorophyll Concentrations
  Historical Image Database Front-end to more than 30,000 SeaWIFS and AVHRR Chlorophyll and Temperature images based on location, date, and product
  Web Enabled GIS Maps Allows display of mapped imagery from several sources and overlay of vector and point information

The SeaWiFS data are proprietary to ORBIMAGE and made available to researchers with permission from NASA as an Authorized SeaWiFS Data User. Data available at this site consists of 8-day remapped composite PNG images 1997 through to the present. Any reproduction or use for any purpose (presentations, reports, publications, etc.) of SeaWiFS data must acknowledge the data source NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and Orbital Sciences Inc. who provided the data.

Use of any of the data on this site must also acknowledge Borstad Associates Ltd, who re-assembled the database and developed the tools to query it, and the Canadian Space Agency who funded Borstad Associates Ltd. labour. If you make substantial use of this dataset please communicate with Borstad Associates prior to publication.

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