ASL Remote Sensing

Data Analysis

At ASL Remote Sensing we specialize in custom data analysis.  A sampling of possible analyses includes:

Aquatic & Coastal

mapping of coral reefs, shoreline and intertidal vegetation, oil spills, effluents and discharges



mapping of urban areas, forests, agriculture, and land use

Change Visualization

mapping the present state of the landscape, its past,
changes over time, and even its future

Habitat Inventory

including mapping of near-shore reefs and vegetation, wetland mapping, and watershed management

Monitoring Wildlife

fish schools, and mammal inventories

Fisheries and Oceanography

support for physical and biological oceanographic studies, ice tracking, and customized satellite image archives


mapping and monitoring of intense phytoplankton blooms

Environmental Impact

monitoring, control and surveillance of hazardous wastes, oil spills, and land reclamation


exploration, mapping mine wastes, and mine site reclamation

Visit our Applications pages for more information on remote sensing analyses.



ASL Remote Sensing